Week 11

Week Eleven – Activity

Examples of Performance Load

The invention of Pay Pass reduced the number of physical steps that were required to use a credit card (needing to key in several separate pieces of information) along with the amount of information that needed to be recalled in order to use it. Paying for an item became something that could be accomplished in one easy step.



The average smartphone combines a number of different features into one simple device. Rather than having to physically switch between devices to text a friend, take a picture, use a calculator, check the internet and play a game a user is now able to do all of these things simply by switching between applications. The picture based nature of most smartphones also reduces necessary reading time for a user to understand how to use a new application.



An electric toothbrush is an object frequently taken for granted in modern society but it does serve its purpose in accordance to principles of performance load. It reduces the physical effort required for a person to correctly and thoroughly clean their teeth and doesn’t require knowledge of brushing techniques in order to use. The timer that is present on many of these toothbrushes also allows a user to make sure they clean their teeth for long enough without needing to keep track of time themselves.


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