Week 12

Week Twelve – Activity

Examples of Web Credibility


Presumed Web Credibility

Amnesty International is an example of a non-profit organisation with a dot org web address, two factors that can contribute to presumed web credibility. The front page of the website is well designed and shows the clear prioritisation of social justice and human rights. The link labelled ‘countries’ demonstrates the international reach of the website. All of these factors make the website appear trustworthy and credible.


Amnesty International

Reputed Web Credibility

One of the most well-known websites and brand names in the world Google is understood almost universally to be a trustworthy and credible search engine. The site has won awards, including a Webby in Best Technological Achievement, further reinforcing it as a well received and trustworthy source. Not only recommended by others Google is often assumed to form a key component of the average person’s internet use.



Surface Web Credibility

The Airbnb website utilises a minimalist look that appears subtle and well designed. All of the information is clearly available at first glance, along with the logo and an option to either log in or create an account. The homepage doesn’t have any distracting advertisements and allows the user to immediately understand and make use of all of the features on the page.



Earned Web Credibility

Since its inception in 1998 Pay Pal has grown in popularity and has gained the trust of a wide range of users worldwide. The majority of trusted retail websites will allow you to pay with Pay Pal, something which aids in cementing it as a trustworthy source as links to and from other websites are seen as a factor of web credibility. The homepage doesn’t display any distracting adverts. Pay Pal has continuously provided trustworthy service to its users in recent years with no major complaints, making it a trustworthy source.




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